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Ales & Assets

Ales & Assets is a new Education Series we are 'drafting' at Linn-Co Federal Credit Union.  Let us buy you a 'brew' and share some financial knowledge with you!  We have partnered with Barsideous Brewing in Lebanon - who wants to go to the brewpub?  Our plan is to have eight classes a year.  Here are the topics:

1) Brews & Budget

2) Lagers, Lending, & Credit

3) Malts & Mortgage

4) Fraud & Fermentation

5) MicroBrews & Mobile Banking

6) Suds & Social Security

7) Stout Savings

8) Hops & History

Sign-up...show-up...have a drink...learn stuff!

Space is limited - reserve your barstool now.  (Reservations required.)

See you there!

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