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Skip a Payment

Monday, February 24, 2020

Christmas, vacations, taxes.... it can all put a crunch on a particular time of year for you. We've made it easier to customize our Skip Payment season to meet your personal needs.

Skip Payment

You can now skip two non-consecutive payments per 12 month period on most loans*. 

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* Offer available on consumer loans only.  All borrowers must sign the Skip Coupon.  Loans must be current.  Skips may be used for 2 non-consecutive payments per rolling 12 month period if turned in 14 days before the due date.   Real estate loans, VISAs, loans for more than 72 months, and past due loans are not eligible for skip payment requests.   Skip cannot be used in lieu of first payment.  Skipping more than 2 times during the period of the loan may void some GAP insurance policies.