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♥ The way to give wedding cash ♥MatriMoney

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

What do you need to start your life together?  A bedroom set?  Living room furniture?  Or maybe what you could really use is cash.  But some people feel uncomfortable handing over cash or a check, and you might feel uncomfortable making the suggestion.  Now there's another way, an elegant way to ask for cash.  A MatriMoney Account from Linn-Co.

Register your wedding at Linn-Co with a MatriMoney Account, an interest-bearing savings account that wedding guests, friends and family can contribute to.  Your guests can make their gift deposit at any Linn-Co FCU Office, and your Linn-Co statement lists all who have contributed to your MatriMoney Account.

What's more is Linn-Co will match up to the first $150* in deposits as a wedding gift when you attend our one hour "Financial Beginnings" class together to help start your life off on the right financial foot.

MatriMoney 2*MatriMoney Accounts are joint savings accounts that are available to couples planning to be married.  Each party must be present to open the account.  The account must be opened at least 60 days prior to the wedding to be eligible for the matching gift.  $100 will be added to your balance within 30 days of the wedding if the couple has completed the Financial Beginnings class, has a joint checking account and presents their marriage certificate.  $150 will be added if in addition to the above the members have a joint loan with a minimum balance or line of credit of $1,000 or more.